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Shree Santosh Mahto

Chairman | Uday Memorial Charitable & Welfare Trust

Uday Memorial B. Ed. College, Ranchi believe that we, as a society are at a defining point in time; a time that future generations shall look back on with admiration and be inspired to create an even greater future. The strong Uday Memorial Family is a learning community with ignited minds and a passionate commitment for a common purpose. Through Education, we seek to build bridges and replace empty minds with open ones by nurturing a spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students.

The Uday Memorial B. Ed. College is a unique combination of traditional academic values and contemporary academic agendas. Our growing reputation is built on our recognized academic quality, commitment, accountability and integrity. Preparing the students into confident, enterprising and wholesome personalities who can face the stark realities of life and equipping them with employability is the primary focus. They imbibe a culture of innovation to confront and overcome competitive threats. We believe that Students are the nation-builders and agents of change. So that our all staff keep driving towards the excellence in the field of Education.