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Prof. P. C. Agarwal

It is with immense pleasure that I accept the patronage of the Two-Day International
Seminar on “Digital Technology in Education for Sustainable Development” being organized
at Uday Memorial B. Ed. College, Ranchi on 27th and 28th April 2024.
today’s world, digital technologies are rapidly transforming the educational
landscape. This seminar provides a timely platform for educators, researchers, and
policymakers to discuss and explore the potential of digital technologies in promoting
le development through education. I am confident that the deliberations at this
seminar will lead to valuable insights and recommendations for integrating digital
technologies effectively into our educational systems for a sustainable future.
r my sincere congratulations to the entire team for their outstanding
work in putting together this Two Days International Seminar and creating this special
souvenir book. Their dedication to promoting fair and inclusive education using digital
is truly impressive. This commitment doesn’t just improve education today but
also lays the groundwork for a better tomorrow, where harmony and justice thrive.